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Prefix: yo (yo help)
Created by: Ted#5288
YoboRobo the best fun bot for your server to make it a place people want to be.

YoboRobo is your new Fun friend. YoboRobo is a great bot to play around with and have a great time!

catfact -- Sends you a random cat fact dog -- Sends you a random dog image dogfact -- Sends you a random dog fact clapify -- Clapify the amount of messages emojify -- Emojify your text enlarge -- Enlarge a text cointoss -- Toss a coin dadjoke -- Sends you a random dad joke dab -- Makes you dab flip -- Flips your text up side down julio -- This is random lol but must be in a voice channel rps -- Play rock paper siscorss with the bot meme -- Sends a random meme gif -- Gives you a random gif

-Mod Commands Coming Soon! -New Eco Commands! -Leveling!

What are you waiting for add the bot!