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A multi-purpose bot for all your discord needs.
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Zero Death’s, the multi-purpose bot for all your discord needs.

Zero Death’s Features Its own global economy and level system, Great logs and moderation, Fun, games and much much more!

Some of Zero Death’s Commands,
Reactions - !kiss | !slap | !mad
Fun - !love | !topic | !wyr
Image - !meme | !dog | !cat
Economy - !buy | !shop | !toprich
Moderation - !mute | !ban | !lock
Setup - !set-join | !set-log | !set-prefix
Other - !roleinfo | !afk | !serveravatar

Useful Links,
website - https://zerodeaths.xyz/
Support Server - https://discord.gg/xHhk4uh
Donations - https://patreon.com/zerodeaths

The bot is also constantly updating and getting fun new features added one after another.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.