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Anime Notifications (SUBBED); Reaction Roles; Reddit Feed; Raffles;

Used in the official MyAnimeList Discord server

  • New Anime Episodes feed SUBBED (DM notifications optional). Source:

  • Daily Anime Schedule. Source:

  • Customizable Reddit RSS Feed autopost system that will post a specific reddit thread based on its settings. Can be set for a specific author, subreddit, post type (rising, hot, new) and title. Can auto pin/unpin that message.

  • Give or take roles using reactions.

  • Automatically give roles to a user when they join a voice channel, and remove them when they leave it. Fully customizable with multiple roles per voice channel and vice versa.

  • BOT say/edit commands that any mod can use to send or edit important messages with the BOT (e.g. so the entire mod team can edit a message), or pretend they’re a ROBOT.

  • RemindMe feature where it either messages you or pings you with a message you’ve set after a period of time you’ve told it.

  • Raffles with which you can do giveaways. It selects a random user that has joined the raffle (either through command or react) as the winner!

Use /help to see all of its features. Use /h-settings to set up server settings. Make sure you’re an admin!

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