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Prefix: lol
Created by: tyzies#1416
Short link: discord.ly/ziesu
ziesu, a discord bot made for fun and for everyone!
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Ziesu, a discord bot, made for everyone, for fun.

You can do a lot of things with ziesu, gaining money, climbing the leaderboards, and maybe even beg for money.

People breaking the rules? Don’t worry, we have Moderation commands! Ban, kick, we have it all.

Getting bored? tired? Entertain yourselves with the Fun or Meme commands! jokes, 8ball, hacking, using your phone, seeing cat images, dog images.

Someone spamming/exploiting our bot? We have commands to report them (lolreportuser) and it will send to the owner (though, don’t use it for fun. it will fill up DMs). Suggesting stuff to the bot? we have the
command ready to do that!

Commands Supported:

  • Fun Commands
  • Info Commands
  • Meme Commands
  • Economy Commands
  • Client Commands (for support)
  • Text Commands
  • Image Manipulation

We hope you enjoy the bot!