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Apex Legends Discord Server Banner
Apex Legends Discord Server Logo

146,493 Online 759,438 Members
Community run, developer supported Discord server dedicated to Apex Legends. Join for LFG, Game Discussion, News & more!
Rooter.gg Discord Server Banner
Rooter.gg Discord Server Logo

2,109 Online 125,044 Members
Rooter is India’s Leading Game Streaming Platform.Consider us as Twitch of India, but with focus on the massive mobile.
R5Reloaded Discord Server Banner
R5Reloaded Discord Server Logo

28,311 Online 92,920 Members
Apex Legends Modding. We do not support or condone hacking, cheating, or modification of the live game.
ProSettings.com Discord Server Banner
ProSettings.com Discord Server Logo

3,850 Online 79,860 Members
Official ProSettings server - Esports and Competitive Gaming
Northstar Discord Server Banner
Northstar Discord Server Logo

22,374 Online 79,307 Members
The official server for Northstar. A community made mod for Titanfall 2 which enables you to host servers and use mods.
TK Apex Legends Mobile Discord Server Banner
TK Apex Legends Mobile Discord Server Logo

1,486 Online 45,284 Members
Largest Apex Legends Mobile Discord server! Chat, LFG, and play in tournaments with the active community!
Apex Legends Germany Discord Server Banner
Apex Legends Germany Discord Server Logo

9,251 Online 43,243 Members
Größte Apex Legends Community im DACH Bereich.
Apex Legends Mobile Discord Server Banner
Apex Legends Mobile Discord Server Logo

2,992 Online 35,296 Members
Developer community support! Game discussion and latest ingame informations. Enjoy the best content and Many More!
TEAMS.gg - LFG Discord Server Banner
TEAMS.gg - LFG Discord Server Logo

4,018 Online 21,980 Members
Quickly and easily discover players like you, connect with your ideal teammates and play better together. ✅ Find VALORANT players and teams ✅ Find CSGO players and teams
Social Gaming Discord Server Banner
Social Gaming Discord Server Logo

2,499 Online 21,786 Members
Welcome to Social Gaming! A place where you can play games all day and socialize with other members on different topics at the same time.
Apex Legends Mobile Discord Server Banner
Apex Legends Mobile Discord Server Logo

1,811 Online 20,702 Members
Developer-supported, community-run server for Apex Legends on Mobile. Join for LFG, game discussion, patch notes & more!
House Fruit Discord Server Banner
House Fruit Discord Server Logo

2,830 Online 18,863 Members
The Official House Fruit community server! We host events, tournaments and run clans across multiple titles.
Team Elevate Discord Server Banner
Team Elevate Discord Server Logo

955 Online 17,844 Members
Elevated since 2017.
Campers on Duty Discord Server Banner
Campers on Duty Discord Server Logo

1,775 Online 17,560 Members
Community server for LeakersOnDuty and StatsOnDuty.
Mystic Esports™ 🎄 Discord Server Banner
Mystic Esports™ 🎄 Discord Server Logo

836 Online 12,345 Members
Multi-Title Esports & Entertainment Organization — 170,000+ Members Worldwide — Connect with us! — Use Tag #StayMystic ⚔
¿? - Custom Discord Bot Discord Server Banner
¿? - Custom Discord Bot Discord Server Logo

1,553 Online 6,355 Members
Your own Custom Discord Bot NOW! On SALE!

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