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Axie Infinity Discord Server Banner
Axie Infinity Discord Server Logo

66,672 Online 652,919 Members
Axies are fierce, fantasy pets that you can battle & collect while earning crypto!
The Crypto Network™ - Digital Currency Experts Discord Server Banner
The Crypto Network™ - Digital Currency Experts Discord Server Logo

4,955 Online 174,966 Members
We are a discord community focused on helping all types of individuals learn how to safely navigate the crypto world.
Clipper Discord Server Banner
Clipper Discord Server Logo

10,035 Online 106,118 Members
Clipper is a decentralized crypto exchange built to offer the best prices for smaller trades.
DeFi Land Discord Server Banner
DeFi Land Discord Server Logo

2,022 Online 98,189 Members
DeFi Land is a place where you learn, earn and interact with other enthusiasts from all over the world of web3.
RECUR Discord Server Banner
RECUR Discord Server Logo

8,517 Online 77,909 Members
We make the metaverse open, easy, and fun by creating innovative NFT experiences with the biggest brands in the world.
Divine Anarchy Discord Server Banner
Divine Anarchy Discord Server Logo

2,305 Online 75,385 Members
NFT Project on the Ethereum block chain. Check us out at divineanarchy.com
Gunship Battle Discord Server Banner
Gunship Battle Discord Server Logo

1,541 Online 75,355 Members
The Official Discord of Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict, the one stop for all your GBCC Questions, Answers & Prizes.
🐤🐔The ₿irb Nest 🐦🐧 Discord Server Banner
🐤🐔The ₿irb Nest 🐦🐧 Discord Server Logo

2,695 Online 61,349 Members
Crypto Currency and Forex Education and Trading Community. From Traders. For Traders. Cryptocurrency , Bitcoin
OKX Official Discord Channel Discord Server Banner
OKX Official Discord Channel Discord Server Logo

3,622 Online 60,326 Members
OKX: Better Future:Game ON.Discover crypto, built on top of the world’s most powerful exchange.
Meta Life Discord Server Banner
Meta Life Discord Server Logo

2,191 Online 55,019 Members
Meta Life™ 2022
KuCoin Discord Server Banner
KuCoin Discord Server Logo

2,327 Online 53,186 Members
Our mission is to facilitate the global free flow of digital value. #KuCoin
Mirror World Discord Server Banner
Mirror World Discord Server Logo

2,482 Online 51,900 Members
Mirror World is a Game Matrix powered by Smart SDK layer that accelerates Web3 game development.
BNB Chain Discord Server Banner
BNB Chain Discord Server Logo

2,518 Online 50,571 Members
BNB Chain's goal is to accelerate adoption of crypto and blockchain technology by onboarding the next billon Web3 users.
GAMEE Discord Server Banner
GAMEE Discord Server Logo

1,069 Online 49,866 Members
Connecting gamers, brands & crypto projects through play! Play Arcade Games on our App and get rewards 🏆
GamerGains Discord Server Banner
GamerGains Discord Server Logo

3,088 Online 45,405 Members
Earn crypto playing your favorite games.
Chart Champions Discord Server Banner
Chart Champions Discord Server Logo

4,524 Online 43,689 Members
A community of traders of the Crypto, Stock and Forex markets. Daily live streams and updates! Join our family today <3

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