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Anime Forever│✦ Emotes ✦ Nitro ✦ Social ✦ Games Discord Server Banner
Anime Forever│✦ Emotes ✦ Nitro ✦ Social ✦ Games Discord Server Logo

7,651 Online 34,577 Members
Anime forever is a place where all anime/gaming fans can enjoy a safe and fun community with giveaways and epic emotes!!
Dogs of Discord Discord Server Banner
Dogs of Discord Discord Server Logo

5,236 Online 31,203 Members
A community dedicated to our favorite pets where we strive to provide a very cute and wholesome environment!
🇮🇳ㆍΛLӨПΞ⢀WΛRRIOR Discord Server Banner
🇮🇳ㆍΛLӨПΞ⢀WΛRRIOR Discord Server Logo

146 Online 31,105 Members
Socio Discord Server Banner
Socio Discord Server Logo

1,824 Online 29,533 Members
Socio is an active chat for gamers, socialites, and more, with nitro giveaways, emotes, gaming, music, memes, and more!
Piss Babies Discord Server Banner
Piss Babies Discord Server Logo

5,036 Online 29,069 Members
A cute huge wholesome community to chat with people, events, cute emotes, perks and special roles, giveaways and more!♡
MahjongSoul雀魂 Discord Server Banner
MahjongSoul雀魂 Discord Server Logo

9,592 Online 26,515 Members
The official Mahjong Soul server. Stay updated on game news, get help and tips, and have fun with your fellow Jyanshis!
Opium Discord Server Banner
Opium Discord Server Logo

2,405 Online 25,883 Members
˗ˏˋOpium ´ˎ˗ We are an extremely active social server with lots of E-Girls and E-Boys, 24/7 Active VCs and Chats, Daily Giveaways and Nitro Events, 500+ Amazing Emojis + Emotes and Much More!
Social Gaming Discord Server Banner
Social Gaming Discord Server Logo

2,499 Online 21,786 Members
Welcome to Social Gaming! A place where you can play games all day and socialize with other members on different topics at the same time.
Love Lounge Discord Server Banner
Love Lounge Discord Server Logo

1,771 Online 20,694 Members
🩰 ⸝⸝ friendly & aesthetic 💌 ⸝⸝ advanced bots to help find friends 🌺 ⸝⸝ fast & effective age verification 🍥 ⸝⸝ meet new people 💒 ⸝⸝ tons of self roles to describe yourself 💗
💋𓂃blush﹐nitro﹒robux﹒lgbtq+﹒icons Discord Server Banner
💋𓂃blush﹐nitro﹒robux﹒lgbtq+﹒icons Discord Server Logo

2,131 Online 19,118 Members
A safe space to everyone! We have 500 emotes, active chats and loads of giveaways and events <3
CHILL HUB Discord Server Banner
CHILL HUB Discord Server Logo

1,359 Online 19,032 Members
For a chill & fun community, tons of giveaway & an excellent selection of aesthetic and cute emotes !
Sakura Bar Discord Server Banner
Sakura Bar Discord Server Logo

2,130 Online 17,899 Members
Anime and Social Community 🌸 Active 🌸 600+ Emotes 🌸 Events!
乂 One Piece Emotes 乂 Discord Server Banner
乂 One Piece Emotes 乂 Discord Server Logo

4,791 Online 16,106 Members
Welcome to O.P.E.! We have a total of 400+ One Piece emotes, a collection of pfps and wallpapers, OP news and much more!
Wisteria Discord Server Banner
Wisteria Discord Server Logo

1,663 Online 15,929 Members
♡ We promote a friendly non toxic environment for everyone to chat and have fun ♡SFW♡ 300+emotes
Bongo Cat HQ Discord Server Banner
Bongo Cat HQ Discord Server Logo

5,539 Online 15,285 Members
The place where Bongo Cat fans are in one wholesome community! We offer a fun community, giveaways n TONS of bongo cats!
✧⛩❜ Discord Server Banner
✧⛩❜ Discord Server Logo

1,906 Online 15,241 Members
Melody strives to be a fun place where people can make lifelong friendships!

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