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Find the best Discord Roblox Bots for your Discord Server, including Raphtalia to Bloxy Tools and more!

Raphtalia Discord Bot Banner
Raphtalia Discord Bot Logo

Olá, meu nome é Kyara, um bot feito com diversos comandos automáticos, com mais de 122 comandos - Diversão - Animes e mais!
Bloxy Tools Discord Bot Banner
Bloxy Tools Discord Bot Logo

For ROBLOX communities. With this bot, you can find user profiles, games, groups, and more! | Verified Discord Bot!
Musico Discord Bot Banner
Musico Discord Bot Logo

High Quality Listening experince on Discord! Supports Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, 247 mode, Autoplay, Dj commands, web dashboard and more!
Houseannor Discord Bot Banner
Houseannor Discord Bot Logo

The best Roblox global economy bot which consists of you working, opening capsules, and even farming to build and upgrade your own House!
User Info Discord Bot Banner
User Info Discord Bot Logo

Discord to Roblox User Information Bot
RobloxDeveloper Discord Bot Banner
RobloxDeveloper Discord Bot Logo

RobloxDeveloper est un bot pour les développeur de discord Pensez à me demandé en amis et m'envoyé votre serveur: Oae#2762
RoManager Discord Bot Banner
RoManager Discord Bot Logo

A free to use Roblox bot to manage your groups and games. Ranking, Roblox game moderation, and more, straight from Discord.
Quantum Discord Bot Banner
Quantum Discord Bot Logo

Quantum is a general-purpose moderation bot adding server utilities, fun commands, Roblox integrations, and more
Triangle Bot Discord Bot Banner
Triangle Bot Discord Bot Logo

Triangle Bot is a simple bot that you can use conveniently in your server. Its prefix is ​​".". Unfortunately, you cannot change this. To get the bot into your server you can invite the bot.
anti-harlem Discord Bot Banner
anti-harlem Discord Bot Logo

Invite the bot you wont regret it
RoTax Discord Bot Banner
RoTax Discord Bot Logo

RoTax is a free and Powerful Discord Bot for all things Roblox currency related.
Soldier Discord Bot Banner
Soldier Discord Bot Logo

A safe bot to manage your roblox group.
GamerX Discord Bot Banner
GamerX Discord Bot Logo

Apenas mais um bot para o discord com o intuito de ajudar todos os servidores e membros
StrawBerry Pudding Bot Discord Bot Banner
StrawBerry Pudding Bot Discord Bot Logo

This bot can also see if there are other people breaking the rules (ex. say "!p turn on the rules" and then it will ask "what are the rules?") You can also contact this bot, just ask question
StepSister Discord Bot Banner
StepSister Discord Bot Logo

Multipurpose BOT with lot of features such as Fun, Utility, Moderation, Roleplay, Games, Images, Anime etc.. Includes Minecraft , OSU, Roblox user stats. & Chat Bot
[OLD] Ch1llBlox Discord Bot Banner
[OLD] Ch1llBlox Discord Bot Logo

Premium bot with no $ involved! Explore Ch1llBlox's vast commands!