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Gaming  LFG 
181,012 Online 1,055,404 Members
The official VALORANT Discord server, in collaboration with Riot Games. Find the latest news and talk about the game!
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122,150 Online 729,295 Members
The VALORANT Looking for Group Discord server!
Valorant Curios Discord Server Banner
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8,374 Online 69,673 Members
All about VALORANT! - Directly connected with our Valorant Curios channel we create fun & interactive games together :)
VALORANT Turkiye Discord Server Banner
VALORANT Turkiye Discord Server Logo

17,543 Online 248,788 Members
VALORANT Türkiye resmi Discord sunucusuna hoş geldin! Oyundan haberleri takip et ve yeni oyuncularla tanış.
VALORANT СНГ Discord Server Banner
VALORANT СНГ Discord Server Logo

36,068 Online 163,068 Members
Официальный русскоязычный сервер онлайн-шутера VALORANT. Присоединяйтесь!
VALORANT ASCENT - Competitive Discord Discord Server Banner
VALORANT ASCENT - Competitive Discord Discord Server Logo

5,775 Online 80,140 Members
Competitive VALORANT Server - Discuss VALORANT, find scrims, teams or groups (LFG) to play with.
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VALORANT Vietnam Discord Server Logo

23,755 Online 132,901 Members
Discord chính thức của VALORANT tại Việt Nam, luôn luôn mang đến nhiều event, sự kiện hấp dẫn tại Discord.
Valorant Rekabetci Discord Server Banner
Valorant Rekabetci Discord Server Logo

2,734 Online 25,171 Members
Valorant Türkiye Sunucusu oyuncular tarafından seçilmiş ve Türkiye'nin En büyük Valorant Discord Topluluğu olmuştur. GG
Valorant India Discord Server Banner
Valorant India Discord Server Logo

1,799 Online 19,441 Members
Welcome to Valorant India Discord Server! We host regular tournaments for Valorant using an automated system by ustreak.
VALORANT POLSKA Discord Server Banner
VALORANT POLSKA Discord Server Logo

24,252 Online 84,921 Members
Największy i najlepszy w Polsce nieoficjalny serwer Discord dla gry Valorant od Riot Games.
VALORANT Egypt Discord Server Banner
VALORANT Egypt Discord Server Logo

6,799 Online 71,820 Members
Valorant Egyptian community
Valorant PH Discord Server Banner
Valorant PH Discord Server Logo

17,372 Online 75,938 Members
Valorant PH is a Filipino community with a goal of uniting the local grassroots communities, from casuals to aspiring pr
VALORANT ESP Discord Server Banner
VALORANT ESP Discord Server Logo

4,054 Online 58,352 Members
La comunidad más grande de VALORANT ESP en Español. Torneos, Sorteos, y mucho más.
VALORANT Taiwan Discord Server Banner
VALORANT Taiwan Discord Server Logo

35,683 Online 75,018 Members
VALORANT Taiwan《特戰英豪 台灣》現已成為亞太地區最完善的玩家社群,這得益於我們一直秉持的多元和創新的價值觀,打造強力隊伍陣容,在舉世無雙的FPS擊敗對手,創新就是你的最強武器。
VALORANT Indonesia Community Discord Server Banner
VALORANT Indonesia Community Discord Server Logo

31,210 Online 105,201 Members
VIC | One of the most active VALORANT Community in Indonesia
VALORANT Mobile Discord Server Banner
VALORANT Mobile Discord Server Logo

6,465 Online 43,435 Members
The community-run VALORANT Mobile Discord. Find latest news regarding game and development process!

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