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This is a community server for a small twitch streamer, we have active mods and an active community. We also have many bots to keep things fun

We have very active mods, and the community is very welcoming and nice, there is always someone online to talk to since we have people from around the globe. The helpers and moderators are always there to help whenever you need them. There are no @everyone pings for when the server owner starts streaming, we have reaction roles so that you can choose if you want to be pinged when he goes online.

===Community Bot list===

OwO - interactive bot (EXAMPLE: “owo hug @UnskilledMilk09”)

Drasil - a general use bot with many fun commands

Piggy - a pokemon type bot, but uses pigs and different classes

Tatsu - an economy bot for those of you who enjoy grinding and becoming the most rich in the server (soon to have rewards for the top 3 most rich in the server)

Dio - another pokemon type bot that is based off of the anime jojo

Arcane - a leveling bot that rewards you for getting to a certain level (at level 5, 10, 20, 30, etc. you gain a higher rank)


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