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Hey wanna join a ROBLOX roleplay server? Than I introduce you BayLifeRP, this game is being created for the reason that we love to roleplay a lot!

Hey there, yes you! Are you bored looking for a roleplay game in roblox?? Than this the right ad that you should be reading!

We are a small community where we are trying to make the game a satisfying place where you can make deferent roleplay sessions and maybe learn more about Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), I will make sure that each cadet that applies for a department they can have a quality of roleplay and make sure you have fun! :)

The server is still under-construction as well as the game, so are currently looking for staff, one of the positions we are looking are:

• Administrative and moderation members
• Social media Administration
• Development team that could update the game as well people that can make clothing for merch
• Partnership managers/advertisers
• Head departments
• Active members

If you are willing to be active or be part of the staff team, feel free to join please, like I have said we are just trying to make a better roleplay game everyday.

Founder: Anthony (<@!467012581647974411>)

Last updated 8/12/2020

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