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Roblox Discord Server Banner
Roblox Discord Server Logo

158,151 Online 981,477 Members
The largest community-run Roblox Discord. Join for news, chat, LFG, events & more! For both Users and Creators. 🌈 🌻
LcLc Hangout Discord Server Banner
LcLc Hangout Discord Server Logo

12,090 Online 126,627 Members
The official LcLc Hangout for Roblox YouTuber LcLc. Chat, play and hang out with everyone!
RoPro Roblox Extension Discord Server Banner
RoPro Roblox Extension Discord Server Logo

20,456 Online 115,837 Members
RoPro is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that adds dozens of useful features to the Roblox web experience.
Rolimon's Discord Server Banner
Rolimon's Discord Server Logo

17,071 Online 113,174 Members
An active Roblox trading community and the official Discord server for www.rolimons.com
World of Stands Discord Server Banner
World of Stands Discord Server Logo

26,002 Online 104,385 Members
Official server for the Roblox JJBA inspired game "World of Stands"
Royal Weebs Discord Server Banner
Royal Weebs Discord Server Logo

11,084 Online 95,518 Members
A place for people to socialize in with fellow weebs or just normal non-otakus, hundreds of cool emojis and fun events.
HiddenDevs Discord Server Banner
HiddenDevs Discord Server Logo

18,840 Online 94,005 Members
Socialise with Developers, grow your skillset and discover new friends! Our server is focused around Roblox Development.
Warrior Cats Discord Server Banner
Warrior Cats Discord Server Logo

11,189 Online 88,075 Members
Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition is a Roblox Game based on the Warriors Book Series by Erin Hunter.
OG’s Multiverse Discord Server Banner
OG’s Multiverse Discord Server Logo

8,776 Online 80,111 Members
Hi This is OG Shinobi's server here is where we do lots of things like help people get scrolls for a certain roblox game
RB Battles Discord Server Banner
RB Battles Discord Server Logo

12,312 Online 77,366 Members
Chat with fellow battlers, get notified about RB Battles news & Roblox game updates, and team up to uncover secrets!
RoDevs Discord Server Banner
RoDevs Discord Server Logo

11,913 Online 63,001 Members
RoDevs is a Discord community oriented towards Roblox development, with various members to get help and do business.
Car Crushers Roblox Community Discord Server Banner
Car Crushers Roblox Community Discord Server Logo

8,327 Online 56,236 Members
The Official Discord Community for the Roblox game, Car Crushers 2.
TH3RP Discord Server Banner
TH3RP Discord Server Logo

3,145 Online 52,668 Members
TH3RP is a Roblox roleplay server that allows users to have various jobs, play fun games and interact with th3c0nnman
Liftoff Games! Discord Server Banner
Liftoff Games! Discord Server Logo

5,571 Online 47,074 Members
Featuring Minion Simulator on Roblox! 💎 Earn gems! 🧰 Open chests! 👷 Collect minion pets!
Serendipity Support Center Discord Server Banner
Serendipity Support Center Discord Server Logo

1,635 Online 45,460 Members
We are the official Discord server of the ROBLOX group Serendipity Support Center!
Powerful Studio Discord Server Banner
Powerful Studio Discord Server Logo

7,149 Online 42,715 Members
The Server is for the community of Powerful Studio - an indie studio creating games on Roblox platform!

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