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  • 3 upvotes in June
  • 108 Online
  • 768 Members
The Brewtopia 🍵 Discord server has 108 online members and 3 upvotes. Brewtopia 🍵 is a Community Discord Server.

Brewtopia 🍵 Discord Server Described

: Chill while boosting your productivity with the brewtopian and engage in supportive environment

Brewtopia community

ʚ⁺˖↪ Celebrate every achievement no matter how small it is and learn to appreciate yourself.
ʚ⁺˖↪ Engage in positive environment with various people people from all around the world.
ʚ⁺˖↪ Learn other cultures and discover the world.
ʚ⁺˖↪ Boost your productivity and motivations.
ʚ⁺˖↪ Find a study buddy or study group to keep you company while studying.
ʚ⁺˖↪ Be more accountable by sharing your daily task, weekly goals, monthly goals, and request for check in
ʚ⁺˖↪ Grow yourself in positive environment


ˋ°•⁀➷ High quality music bots that can be used by all members
ˋ°•⁀➷ Study time leaderboards
ˋ°•⁀➷ Weekly and monthly study time tracker
ˋ°•⁀➷ Mental health guidance bot
ˋ°•⁀➷ Server interactions ranking system
ˋ°•⁀➷ Active forest sessions
ˋ°•⁀➷ Fun bot such as dank memer
ˋ°•⁀➷ Accountability check in (only if requested)
ˋ°•⁀➷ Fiveable link available for non-premium forest user

and more…

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