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The Cacord Discord server has 8 online members and 0 upvotes. Cacord is a Gaming Discord Server.

Cacord Discord Server Described

: it's cool I want to grow it please join tried hard. thank you
  1. Do not impersonate another user.
  2. Do not make any inappropriate/rude comments about another user. Zero tolerance for bullying here.
  3. Do not start drama. Do not bring drama from other social media (YouTube, Twitter, Discord, etc.) to this server. If you are purposely commenting something to elicit a negative reaction from people, that will not be tolerated.
  4. No racism or homophobia.
  5. No nudity. Do not post any kind of sexually suggestive images or nudity in the chats
    While Profanity is allowed in the server, please refrain from using excessive profanity as there are some younger people in the server. This does not approve sexual talk. Please keep anything sexual out of the server.
  6. Please speak English only. It’s difficult to moderate other languages. If someone is insulting someone, or breaking rules, in another language, it will be difficult for myself and the mods to know.
  7. No spamming messages in the chats or to community members in DMs.
  8. No politics or religious talk. These conversations usually lead to negative conflict.
  9. Posting links redirecting to giveaways, harmful content, adult content, derogatory content, downloads, and/or viruses, is prohibited.
  10. Selling items, accounts, goods, and services is prohibited. Additionally, do not request to purchase services here; and do not ask people to give you money, gift cards, or any other form of currency.
  11. Do not share personal information.
  12. While #:christmas_tree:︱self-promo is an opportunity to promote your channel, please do not spam your channel/videos in this chat, nor link any discord links/invites here, in direct messages, or anywhere in the server. These will be deleted immediately and excessive spamming will result in a kick/ban. You must have the "Member + role to post anything in #:christmas_tree:︱self-promo , as well as to be able to post any kind of links or attachments… This role is achieved once you show you are fairly active in the server and achieve level 5 through MEE6’s xp system. Please note if you are caught posting any type of self promo in #:santa:︱jolly-general as plain text before obtaining the member + role, it is subject to an immediate ban
    Rule 14: Please, do not constantly @ me or try to mass mention because it does not work except for Mods/Admins
    Rule 15: Anyone who joins the server and immediately promotes in #:christmas_tree:︱self-promo or other channels will be kicked
    Rule 16: Don’t ask for mod if you’ve just joined the server
    Note: Any member who repeatedly breaks the rules is subject to a permanent ban. Warnings may or may not be given. Use discretion!

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