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Elite Customs Discord Server Banner
Elite Customs Discord Server Logo

44,452 Online 472,681 Members
The largest Fortnite scrim server globally. Elite Customs brings you daily scrims, money games, and much more!
Rift Discord Server Banner
Rift Discord Server Logo

25,776 Online 333,622 Members
Rift is a Fortnite modification allowing you to go back in time and enjoy the nostalgic in-game experience!
D7 Army šŸ Discord Server Banner
D7 Army šŸ Discord Server Logo

7,156 Online 304,519 Members
Official Gaming Server of Youtuber, DAN7EH
Noble Practice Scrims Discord Server Banner
Noble Practice Scrims Discord Server Logo

38,099 Online 201,606 Members
EU's Tier 1 Fortnite Practice Server ā€¢ Daily Custom Games / Scrims ā€¢ Qualifiers ā€¢ Ladders ā€¢ Tournaments ā€¢ Events.
West Open Discord Server Banner
West Open Discord Server Logo

6,078 Online 197,082 Members
Welcome to West Open! The West side of Fortnite community coming together to practice their skills in scrims!
EU Open Discord Server Banner
EU Open Discord Server Logo

16,362 Online 184,586 Members
Welcome to EU Open! We host daily Fortnite scrims, ladders, and tournaments! Good luck and have fun!
Elite Ladder Discord Server Banner
Elite Ladder Discord Server Logo

14,672 Online 173,299 Members
Elite Ladder is the largest ladder server in the world, offering regular money cups and ladders with money prize pools!
Elite Creative Discord Server Banner
Elite Creative Discord Server Logo

11,844 Online 155,628 Members
The largest Fortnite Creative server across the globe. Join a Creative community offering events, 1v1s. and more!
Era ā„ Discord Server Banner
Era ā„ Discord Server Logo

17,723 Online 149,014 Members
ERA is an OG Fortnite Multiplayer & Singleplayer private server experience.
Eh Team Discord Server Banner
Eh Team Discord Server Logo

5,973 Online 124,550 Members
Nick Eh 30's family-friendly community, known as the Eh Team. Let's play some Fortnite! šŸ™Œ
TK Fortnite Fam Discord Server Banner
TK Fortnite Fam Discord Server Logo

5,382 Online 109,479 Members
A server with active LFG, Tournaments, game discussion, events, advertising and more! Join us today!
TradeWorld šŸŒŽ - STW Trading Community Discord Server Banner
TradeWorld šŸŒŽ - STW Trading Community Discord Server Logo

4,839 Online 99,745 Members
TradeWorld šŸŒŽ is the largest community for Fortnite STW, with multiple systems designed to protect and help traders.
Poyo Customs Discord Server Banner
Poyo Customs Discord Server Logo

11,619 Online 84,160 Members
We are hosting Customs Games in Fortnite! Business: [email protected] -
Kye's Community Discord Server Banner
Kye's Community Discord Server Logo

4,601 Online 75,998 Members
The best and easiest way to enhance your Fortnite experience using Pro Swapper.
Nova Discord Server Banner
Nova Discord Server Logo

7,164 Online 53,888 Members
This is a server where you can play OG Fortnite multiplayer!
Form Scrims Discord Server Banner
Form Scrims Discord Server Logo

1,110 Online 48,781 Members
Fortnite scrims and tournaments hosted by Formula! Come play to win cash and rewards!

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