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Join the Comic Shop discord server for a fun and friendly environment with 650 members! Get the invite link and join the conversation!
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The Comic Shop Discord server has 91 online members and 0 upvotes. Comic Shop is a Gaming Discord Server.

Comic Shop Discord Server Described

: A fully modular, interactive server with tons of features and topics!

This server is entirely modular to your likings.
As you can see below we have plenty of channels, all of which you can choose to access or hide just with a reaction!
We have grown a very awesome community with people from all over the world, although it is an English server.
Looking for new members all the time, hope you join in and find what you are looking for!

Categories and their channels:

🤖authentication: This prevents DM scammers.
📝rules: Here are the server rules you must follow.
💌invite-link: Server invite link for people to copy and share!
💥announcements: Server announcements and other announcements!


💠welcome: A warm welcome to new users!
📝rules: If you agree to the terms of the server react below!
💌invite-link: Server invite link for people to copy and share!
✅roles: Choose the topics you wish to be a part of!
✅extra-roles: Set your Region and Platform!
💥announcements: Server announcements and other announcements!
💚boosters: This is where boosters will be thanked and acknowledged!
📢-social-notifications: Notifications for our discord Twitch Streamers and YouTubers
🤖github: This channel is to see the changes being made to the discord bot!
💖giveaways: Everyone loves giveaways!
💬self-promo: This is your chance to promote yourself!


👽general: Talk in here! This is the general chat!
👽media: A place to share media! Videos you like, images, art, you name it.
👽irl: This is members irl! Show off irl pics or stories!
👽talk-to-a-bot: Literally…
📈bump: Bump the server on the server list
❗feedback: Forum channel for Help, Questions, Suggestions, and more!
❓support: Use this tool for only serious inquiries for the moderation team.
👽Join To Create Channel (voice): Simple. Join, and a voice channel is made for you!


🤖rank: Where you will get rank updates!
🤖bots: Make use of bot commands here!

🚗Rocket League

🚗rl-roles: Set your rank, platform, and what you use to play (controller/kbm)!
🚗rl-news: Get the latest Rocket League news updates!
🚗rl-general: General chat for Rocket League
🚗rl-stats: Check your Rocket League stats here!
🚗rl-lft: Find your team here!
🚗rl-clips-and-cars: Show off your clips and cars!
🚗rl-tips-and-training: If you need tips or training packs, this is the place to do it!

🚗Rocket League Trading

🚗rl-trade-discussion: Discuss anything Rocket League trade related here!
🚗rl-reputation/verify: Check and verify trader reputation here!
🚗rl-prices: /price <pc|psn|xbox|switch> [optional: color] <item> to find current prices!
🚗rl-trades: Buy/Sell/Trade, do it here!
🚗rl-cash-trades: Buy/Sell/Trade, for cash, do it here!
🚗rl-alpha-trades: Buy/Sell/Trade, for alpha/beta items, do it here!


🤡memes-sharing: Share your own memes!
🤡memes-sfw: SFW Memes only channel!
🤡memes-nsfw: NSFW Memes here. Careful!


🧬coding-general: General coding chat channel
🧬coding-discord-bots: Discord bot related coding talk!
🧬coding-javascript: JavaScript coding channel!
🧬coding-python: Python coding channel!
🧬coding-java: Java coding channel!
🧬coding-cpp: C++ coding channel!
🧬coding-c: C language coding channel!
🧬html: HTML coding language channel!
🧬css: CSS coding language channel!


🎧music-sharing: Share some tunes you found!
🎧music-playlists: Share playlists you found!
🎧music-creation: If you make music, show it off!

📸Design And 🎥Editing

📸design-help: If you need design help, here’s the place to ask!
📸design-sharing: If you have made some dope artwork, share it here!
🎥editing-help: If you need video editing help, here’s the place to ask!
🎥editing-clips: If you have made some dope clips or videos, share it here!

🏥Mental Health

🏥mental-health-support: We are here for you! If you need support reach out!
🏥mental-health-venting: Feel free to vent! Get your thoughts out and talk about whatever is on your mind!


A ticket will generate and this is the place you will find support from our Moderation team!

If you have any issues with the server, there is a support channel to get private support from our Moderation team.
If you have any suggestions for the server we have a channel that allows members to vote on suggestions.
We try our best to host a fun and friendly, non toxic environment, and we are always looking for new members!

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