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Green-Bot - Support Discord Server Banner
Green-Bot - Support Discord Server Logo

19,604 Online 111,182 Members
Community server of Green-bot! Join us now to talk about music and get support with the bot!
MusiCamp Discord Server Banner
MusiCamp Discord Server Logo

3,984 Online 79,196 Members
Known as MusiCamp, where everyone can do music! A community that are bound together by profession, and style of music.
Karaoke Lounge - Singing - Music Discord Server Banner
Karaoke Lounge - Singing - Music Discord Server Logo

9,656 Online 70,691 Members
Singing is what we do, all day, every day, come and jam with us! or just listen. no judging, good vibes only!
Soul Hometown Discord Server Banner
Soul Hometown Discord Server Logo

11,806 Online 55,377 Members
Official support server for the Soul Music family of Discord bots!
Bard Music Player Discord Server Banner
Bard Music Player Discord Server Logo

22,922 Online 47,317 Members
Hey! Welcome to the BMP server. This is for Bard Music Player, a bard performance program for FFXIV. Come hang out!
Ariana Grande Discord Server Banner
Ariana Grande Discord Server Logo

4,629 Online 45,630 Members
Centered around pop-music star Ariana Grande, join us to discuss her upcoming projects and other related pop music news!
LEAKTHIS Discord Server Banner
LEAKTHIS Discord Server Logo

2,005 Online 29,769 Members
Discussion about unreleased music and the community that surrounds it.
Socio Discord Server Banner
Socio Discord Server Logo

1,867 Online 29,349 Members
Socio is an active chat for gamers, socialites, and more, with nitro giveaways, emotes, gaming, music, memes, and more!
VOCALOID Discord Server Banner
VOCALOID Discord Server Logo

6,445 Online 25,905 Members
A community for everything VOCALOID (and other vocal synths)! We like music, art, games, events, and merchandise!
Trap Nation Discord Server Banner
Trap Nation Discord Server Logo

2,460 Online 25,619 Members
Welcome to Trap Nation, YouTube's number one channel for a unique and diverse taste of trap music!
Social Gaming Discord Server Banner
Social Gaming Discord Server Logo

Anime  Gaming 
2,499 Online 21,786 Members
Welcome to Social Gaming! A place where you can play games all day and socialize with other members on different topics at the same time.
Guitar Discord Server Banner
Guitar Discord Server Logo

3,402 Online 18,677 Members
Guitar is the first and biggest worldwide server to talk about guitar (gear/playing/theory) and music since 2016 !
Anime Empire 🎄 Discord Server Banner
Anime Empire 🎄 Discord Server Logo

1,364 Online 18,121 Members
🍂 Chill Anime Hangout 💬 Active Chatting 🎮 Gaming 🎉 Giveaways & Events 📩 Anime News 🍒 Aesthetic 🍿 Join now!!
Prod. By Discord Server Banner
Prod. By Discord Server Logo

Music  Social 
2,897 Online 17,900 Members
A music production server for music makers and music lovers! The place to gain/gather information on music production.
Flute Gang Discord Server Banner
Flute Gang Discord Server Logo

4,303 Online 17,104 Members
Cozy hangout for the Flute Gang community of musician, Exyl! Relating to music, gaming, anime, & internet culture 😎
anotherblock Discord Server Banner
anotherblock Discord Server Logo

Music  Economy 
1,623 Online 16,182 Members
anotherblock is a music NFT marketplace where you can invest in top-tier tracks and enjoy exclusive benefits we are launching on aug 19 with a brand new track by R3HAB & LAIDBACK LUKE (23 mi

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