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DELTACOS Discord Server - Join our Family Friendly Community of over 90 members and get help with Quests and Casual Pushing! Invite link available!
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The DELTACOS Discord server has 33 online members and 0 upvotes. DELTACOS is a Gaming Discord Server.

DELTACOS Discord Server Described

: DELTACOS is a Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Hay Day Community which is Family Friendly, Talkative and offers Great Benefits, Join us Today!

DELTACOS is a Brawl Stars and Clash Royale and Hay Day Community which is Family Friendly, Talkative and offers some great Benefits which will be listed below for each game we offer!

DELTACOS Brawl Stars Full Information: DELTACOS is an Australian based Brawl Stars Club. It is Family Friendly for all ages and offers over 90 members! We promote everyone to Senior and we treat everyone with respect and we make sure of that!

We give free 10/10 Map Approvals when you ask in our Club Chat and we do Friendly Games every sometime around where we get to play your Map Maker Minigames and simple battles! We can also help you with your Special Event quests like Robo Rumble, Super City Rampage and Boss Fight because we understand very well how Bad Randoms are or how hard it is to generally complete with Low Power or not having a Certain Brawler.

DELTACOS is against bullying and toxicity and we do everything to stop it! We want DELTACOS to be a nice place for people to have fun and make friends and not to make a toxic environment.

We do not do Cash Cups, and anything competitive, we do everything for Fun! Causality is what DELTACOS is about.

We kick people who haven’t played in over a month to gain room for more active people but don’t worry, you can always come back! We just want people who actually play the game and push a little.

DELTACOS 2 Brawl Stars Information: DELTACOS 2 offers the same kind Members, not yet, but very soon we will offer Map Approvals as we increase in Members so for now it is place we help you with Quests, Casual Pushing and a great place for you to Socialize!

We promise to treat you with the respect you deserve! We will take action to any Bullying and Bad Behavior to maintain people’s Wellbeing and to make sure that our Club is all Clean!

DELTACOS Clash Royale Information: DELTACOS is an Australian Family Friendly Clash Royale Clan which has active Donators and active Clan War Participants. We really like interacting and training with eachother and sharing good strategies and decks! Everyone is Elder aswell because it has always been a DELTACOS tradition.

You are required to do 2 Clan War Decks at least so we can progress through the River Race and we do not accept Clan Clingers which are the people who just play 1 match, and let us do all the work, for obvious reasons.

Just like our Brawl Stars Club, we do not tolerate Bullying, Swearing or Toxicity of any kind, because we want to keep DELTACOS a nice place to chat and make Friends!

Hay Day Neighborhood Information: Fun and Friends are Here (this is the only Community that is not called DELTACOS) is a quiet but friendly community, which likes to Donate and help you with your Farm!

We decided to start a Hay Day Neighborhood because the game is peaceful and because the Game is honestly underrated and has so much value to it.

Join Us Today! Links and help to Join are in the Club Link channel in the Welcome Category.

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