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Join the DMT World Discord server to discuss psychedelics and its culture, with 1.35k members and an invite link to join.
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The DMT World Network Discord server has 195 online members and 0 upvotes. DMT World Network is a Social Discord Server.

DMT World Network Discord Server Described

: DMT WORLD A WAY TO FIND THE OTHERS…Discuss psychedelics, and the spirituality and philosophy that is influenced by them.


Discuss psychedelics and the spirituality, philosophy, and the research that surrounds them in a secured and independent community.

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A Space to Share
Due to the perception of psychedelics in our culture, psychedelics and those who discuss them are judged harshly. When others read our opinions about psychedelics and its culture through social media, this judgment can affect our personal and professional lives. We want to change that by providing a sacred space for you to discuss topics that are important to you, anonymously, and safely in a community that is built to include like-minded individuals.

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Security is Key
We are not owned and operated by large corporate companies that sell your information to marketers. Your information is yours. We keep it private and don’t allow companies to spy on your information inside of the community. You can share your content if you wish outside of our network, but we won’t do it for you. We are not here to get rich, but rather create a rich community.

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Access is Free
We don’t think its right to charge people to be part of a community if they can’t afford it. We encourage our members to support our cause and continue our hard work, but if you can’t afford to help out financially, that is okay. You can request a free account.

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