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13 upvotes in March
The FaderR Community Discord server has 41 online members and 13 upvotes. FaderR Community is a Social Discord Server.

FaderR Community Discord Server Described

: This is a fun community for everyone and all topics. There are lots or things to do here, like chat to other members and lots more

FaderR Community!

FaderR Community is an inclusive community for everyone and every topic where you can chat, use bot commands, and more!

Would you like to join a powerful and active community? Feel free to join! We offer lots of things such as:

āœ… šŸ š An active owner

šŸ—æ šŸ š A place to post all of the best memes

šŸ”¢ šŸ š A counting channel to count to 69420 and beyond

šŸ“¹ šŸ š Updates and notifications for my youtube channel plus 15 minutes early access to videos

šŸŽŠ šŸ š Lots of giveaways, including Dank Memer ones

šŸŽŖ šŸ š Lots of events to take part in

šŸ¤– šŸ š Lots of bots including a custom one

šŸ ššŸ š And lots more! šŸ ”šŸ ”


41 Online 178 Members

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