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The Gamer server 0.3 X ACC Blacklist Discord server has 43 online members and 0 upvotes. Gamer server 0.3 X ACC Blacklist is a Music Discord Server.

Gamer server 0.3 X ACC Blacklist | Discord Server Described

: Seee the rulse on Rules channel And get friend on there dont be rude play togathere chat dna voic call on server

| GAMING | MUSIC | ROLE | Event | Happy |[ <Seson 9> ]

Governor, your fellow allies will be your best partners in the Hall of Unity!
Governor, you can get roles form developer
gorvernor, you can chat and call
gorvernor, dont amde somewon down
the light sight be with us fightd the dark side of gs

Joining an alliance allows you to:

  1. Get speedup assistance from alliance members, making the construction and research process faster.
  2. Raid barbarian fortresses together to earn alliance rewards
  3. Build alliance strongholds together, expand the alliance area and earn Individual Credits.
  4. Use Individual Credits at the Alliance Shop to purchase various types of useful items.
  5. Build Trading Post, enabling you and your allies to send SDA to each other.
  6. Obtain reinforcements from allies (or send reinforcements) using the Alliance Center.
  7. Be cool, kind, and civil. Treat all members with respect and express your thoughts in a constructive manner.

Building a strong alliance requires hard work from all of its members. Make good use of your time together, and form victorious alliances!

Through cooperation, I gain strength … Through victory,
working together will set us free …
Join our server.
We’re Talking About All Games: Amoung US, and we’re on the Bright Side,
Since That We all, we escaped and survived,
We are still alive because we traveled to Kingdom A # 1934 at the right time …

Now, we are the Highest Alliance Team in History, we are in the last Semi Final of Seson and we will reunite with Shark Gaming (~ SG ~) and others,
And we will fight to do Revenge!

The Glan Fire Alliance will still survive …
we will be invincible …
So, let’s all join the Herobrienlgg Server …

May the Light Side be with you …
From :
Glan fire Team