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The GothStitch Discord server has 282 online members and 0 upvotes. GothStitch is a Community Discord Server.

GothStitch Discord Server Described

: Official Stabby Hobby Lair for Fiber Arts fiends🥀🖤All Goth Stitchers Welcome!🪡🦇

Free Monthly Goth Cross Stitch Pattern released every 13th!
Lair of the Goth Temperature Stitch-A-Long

This server is not affiliated with any other discord servers and is the official server for

Welcome to the GothStitch Discord Lair
You won’t find a lot of oppressive modding, structure, or rules here. We believe in freedom of expression as allowed within the constraints of Discord Community Guidlines

The intention is to create an inclusive fiber art studio space dedicated to stitching within the Trad Goth / Death Rocker aesthetic, while welcoming Pastel Goth, Cottage Goth, CottageGore, Cyber Goth, Romantic Goth, and all the Baby Bats etc. nothing more nothing less. As we are dedicated to all that is Goth & Stitchy; Just as you would see some art that makes you uncomfortable in an art studio, the same goes for this space. Enter at your own risk and feel free to leave the lair anytime.

All fiber arts are welcome here, cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, knitting, tatting, weaving, sewing, needlepoint and more!

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