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The PSX Discord server has 24 online members and 0 upvotes. PSX is a Roblox Discord Server.

PSX | IceofFireYT Server Discord Server Described

: A discord server where you can get free gems/pets in pet simulator X, a roblox game.

Welcome to an epic Roblox Pet simulator X server, the IceofFireYT Server!

Here, we do many frequent giveaways and have fast claims!
Here’s what our server features:

Invite Rewards
2 invites: 50 million gems
5 invites: 250 million gems
7 invites: 500 million gems
10 invites: 1 billion gems
15 invites: 1.5 billion gems

Boost Rewards
1 boost: 1.5 billion gems
2 boosts: 2.5 billion gems + your own custom role in the server!
(only for the first 5 people who boost)
Boosters bypass every giveaway requirement and has 2x entries on giveaways (sometimes 3x entries)

Level Perks
We even have level perks!
When you reach these levels, you can get rewards in the discord server and gems in Pet Simulator X! So get grinding!

We have an active, fast, friendly and supportive staff team who will come to help you when you need it

60+ proofs

You thought we were done? Well, we even have the dankest bot ever, Dank Memer bot! You can use this to grind Dank Memer Coins and have fun and we even have steal disabled so you’re safe! (We’ll add more fun bots for you people to use later on)

Not only that! We even have an open chat for you to talk and have fun chatting with the other members!

What we’re looking for
-Staff members

Convinced yet? If you are, join now!

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