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Jamez Discord server - Join us for Among Us, streaming, piano, and more! Get the invite link and join now with 1.73k members!
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The Jamez Discord server has 58 online members and 0 upvotes. Jamez is a Social Discord Server.

Jamez Discord Server Described

: James Gates Piano, I stream on YouTube and Reddit. We do Dank Memer and Nitro giveaways, have lots of emojis, always active and have fun

Come join us :) Among Us, Minecraft, Piano, streaming. Help choose what YouTube videos I make next! Simple rules. New features! Here are our channels (for now)
Don’t know where to go? Read this to get an understanding of the categories and channels

Be aware that this list doesn’t list all of the text channels, only the major ones.

Important: The important category consists of channels that you need to read before going proceeding to the rest of the server. Some notable channels are:

#📜┊rules: This consists of the rules of the server and verification to see the rest of the channels. We may update these rules from time to time, so make sure to check back frequently.

#📢┊announcements: This is where we make announcements for the server, like when James posts a new video, there’s a movie night (more on that later), or there’s an announcement for the future of the server.

#✔┊get-roles: where you get roles like pianist, dmemer, and more!

social: This category consists of the text channels where you can talk to others, like:

#💬┊chat: talk about anything here, as long as it fits within the rules

#🎬┊self-promotion: want to promote your channel to others? Post them here, but be aware that you have to be level 10+ on @Arcane.

#💥┊spam: this is where you can spam if you want to level up on @Arcane. Spam whatever, as long as it fits within the rules

#🎥┊video-ideas: Got any ideas for James’s videos? Post them here.

#🎵┊music: this is where you can control @Groovy’s songs in the music voice channel.

memes/games: consists of any game/meme channels, like:

#😜┊memes: this is where you can post memes, as long as it fits within the rules.

#🐸┊dank-memer and #🐸┊dank-memer-2: this is where you can play with the @Dank Memer bot.

#🐌┊snail-racing: this is where you can play with the Snail Racing bot and race your snails.

voice channels: this consists of most of the voice channels in the server, like:
General: like #💬┊chat but for voice chat.
Movie: this is the voice chat where anyone can stream any videos for us to watch and react to.
YT Stream/Video: Where James will go if he’s streaming or recording a video

Music: Where you can Listen to @JaemJaem’s music

Among Us Channels: Where you can play Among Us with other people in the server

#🚀┊among-us: where you can put your among us code and wait for people to join

Among Us VC: Where you can talk to other people in the server playing Among Us with you

Voted out: Where you go when you die go get votes out

Miscellaneous: Any channels that don’t fit in with any other channels

#🤖┊bot-levels: Where @JimJim notifies you when you level up. Just type “A rank” any time you want to know your level

#📄┊apply-for-mod: Want to apply for mod? Do %apply and the bot send you questions via DM. We’re currently closed for now but we’ll update this server guid when we’re opening back up.

We hope you enjoy the server!

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