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WELCOME TO League of Legends: Wild Rift India Discord Server!

Welcome to League of Legends : Wild Rift India Server
The purpose of this server is to provide a friendly environment for you to have conversations with other players, meet new people, team up with friends, recruit players for your guilds, participate in events and so much more. Let us do our best to create a community that is welcoming, constructive and respective to fellow members.

In order to maintain a clean and professional environment for all members to enjoy, a set of community guidelines has been established to uphold this standard. All members must abide by these guidelines, which they automatically acknowledge and accept in full upon joining the server. The management team reserves the right to update and modify the guidelines at its sole discretion and without prior notice, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the community.

Members found to have violated or circumvented the community guidelines will receive an official warning and/or a temporary or permanent suspension of their privilege to send messages and/or participate in the server, depending upon the individual situation and the severity of the circumstances. Content that violates these guidelines will be removed. The moderation team reserves the right to interpret the guidelines at its sole discretion, ultimately decide whether to apply punishments and decide their type and duration, as well as to provide no explanation or information regarding their decisions and actions. In some cases, which go beyond the guidelines, moderators can warn or suspend certain members, even if their actions formally do not fall under the current prohibitions and restrictions.


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