MusicaL (31.06.22) Discord Server

Join the Musical.ly Discord server to connect with over 14 members and listen to music together. Get the invite link and join the fun!
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The MusicaL (31.06.22) Discord server has 7 online members and 0 upvotes. MusicaL (31.06.22) is a Music Discord Server.

MusicaL (31.06.22) Discord Server Described

: This Is The Official Server Of Musical.ly!

Official Server Of Musical.ly

What is Musical.ly?
This Is A Simple Music Bot You Can Play Music In Your Server By Just Using Simple Commands MusicBot is the original Discord music bot written for Python 3 using discord.py. !help [command] - Prints a list of commands, or info on a command if one is specified. !play <URL/query> - Plays audio from a specific URL or searches for a query on YouTube and queues the first result. !queue - Displays all of the media that is queued. !np - Displays the media that is currently being played. !skip - Vote to skip the current media. Required skips/skip ratio is set in the config file. The bot’s owner will instantly skip when using !skip f. !search [service] [#] - Searches a specific service (default: YT) for a query and returns the first few results (default: 3, limit: 10). The user can then select from the results if they want to add any to the queue. !shuffle - Shuffles the queue. !clear - Clears the queue. !pause - Pauses the current media. !resume - Resumes the current media

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