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The Once it was free. Discord server has 16 online members and 0 upvotes. Once it was free. is a Crypto Discord Server.

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: An NFT collection for Collectors & Investors, an art project to create a new form of democratic patronage in the Web3, the "Mecenate DAO"

“Once it was free.” is an NFT collection of 15’000 ERC-721 on the Ethereum Blockchain. Splitted in three drops, is a journey through the meaning of our language, of our way of identifying ideas, experiences and sensations, through words and images, a quest for the concept of value in our current society.

Each photograph is unique, and is the result of an advance semantic web scrapping technique created by “the Author”. Previously published without any copyright, is now an NFT with commercial rights granted to the owner. Collecting an NFT for each drop will give you access to the Mecenate DAO, a new form of democratic patronage in the Web3.

Embracing the true meaning of the collection title (“Once it was free.”), the first drop will be given for free to the selected pool of collectors and investors, letting them perform a price discovery in the secondary market, which will ultimately define the base price of the other two drops.

The third drop is not the end of our journey, it’s just the beginning. Having collected all the three drops, you will be granted access to the “Mecenate DAO”, a decentralized autonomous organization funded with the aim of continuing promoting NFT’s art projects, scouting emerging artists and start collaborations, creating a new form of democratic patronage in the Web3.

As a member, you will be able to introduce new artists to the DAO, present art projects and trigger a general consultation about the potential collaboration. If the outcome is positive, you will take the lead as “Patron of the project” and will be granted you access to part of the DAO treasury. As a reward for all your effort, you will receive 25% of the DAO profit generated by the collaboration, while the remaining 75% will be kept in the treasury for further projects and crypto distributions to all members.

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