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Join the Pokemon GO Raids Discord server for a global community of raid hosts and raiders! No level requirements and invite link to join, with 31.6k members.
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The Pokemon GO Raids Discord server has 2.5K online members and 0 upvotes.

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: A global Pokemon Go server dedicated to connecting remote raid hosts and raiders! NO LEVEL REQUIREMENTS FOR RAIDING!
Welcome to Pokémon GO Raids

This is a public, global Discord server dedicated to players of the popular game, Pokémon GO. Are you seeking to host and join raids, but don’t have the right level players in your local area? No worries - this server makes it easy to connect with raiders and hosters all around the world, no matter what their level might be!

Come join us and find raiding partners from all around the globe, with no levels requirements necessary! Are you looking to become a host? This is the perfect place to do it! Host raids and get connected with seekers for all kinds of rare Pokemon - we’ll provide one-of-a-kind tools and resources to make everything possible. Have fun and raid with confidence!

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