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The Pulsar Coin Discord server has 332 online members and 0 upvotes. Pulsar Coin is a Crypto Discord Server.

Pulsar Coin Discord Server Described

: A POS/POW consensus blockchain cryptocurrency focused on the security of transactions on the chain.

The cryptocurrency market is still young and exponentially growing. Each coin/token has
a different purpose. Our coin was created with a few things in mind.
First and foremost, to make it available for those who want to join the crypto movement,
regardless of your knowledge on the topic. With the end-user in mind, we decided to develop the
Pulsar blockchain, instead of branching off an existing blockchain. This would give our team full
control in giving the end-user a simple and fluid interaction with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Second, we want to create a decentralized exchange to make crypto’s used on a more
regular basis. That exchange is the main driving point behind the entire operation at Pulsar. In the
United States, we are left behind with cryptocurrency technology and advancement. Our goal is
to make a program that doesn’t rival the competitors, it surpasses them.
Finally, expansion. We want to innovate the blockchain ecosystem as well as inspire
innovation. These first couple of years will focus on growing and stabilizing the blockchain.
After our team decides the blockchain is mature enough, our focus will be set on expanding
Pulsar’s functionality. Pulsar Coin (PLSR) is the median of our current and future platform. It will be the
nucleus to the entire exchange. The purpose is to have an extremely high quantity to be able to
withstand the high volumes of traffic with the coin inside of the exchange application. Easiest
comparison is the US dollar, without the inflation.
The future of cryptocurrency is in staking. With our blockchain, we’ve eliminated the use
of ASIC miners. This form of mining has proven to have a negative effect on the environment
and overall climate. Currently, blockchain ecosystems are moving from Proof-of-Work reward
systems to Proof-of-Stake reward systems. Pulsar is the compromise between both systems,
supporting both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake rewards. With the algorithm we’ve chosen,
the use of CPU mining is still allowed, although slightly more difficult to mine compared to
other blockchains. Implementing both reward systems into the blockchain allows for maximum
functionality / efficiency while also partially protecting from more common vulnerabilities that
full Proof-of-Stake blockchains are weakened by (for example: the 51% attack).

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