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Welcome to Train Station! We are a Train themed server with many bots to cater to your needs

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Dank Memer:

We have Dank Memer with rob and heist disabled, and we also regularly post heists.


We have many emojis and we also allow any member to add any emoji they like. We are a level 1 nitro server, so we have 100 emoji slots

Good Moderation:

We also have great moderation and is also automatically protected by AltDentifier during a raid. There are 2 Moderators together with train#1010. We also have 5 moderating bots.

4 Music Bots:

We have 4 Music Bots, too many to you can possibly need for music

Many Bots you can play around with other than just Dank Memer:

The bots are Aki, Mafia, Pokemeow, Poketwo, EpicRPG, Taco Shack, Marriage Bot, SlotBot, Piggy, Uno, IdleMiner, OWO and many more

Many Events and Giveaways:

We have 2 Events Managers specially to cater to events and many giveaways. We also be hosting 1 million DMC heists.

Translator Bot:

We also have a translator bot available in all the unlocked channels, so people speaking different languages will have no problem communicating with us!

There are many more fun features of Train Station to be explored! What are you waiting for, join us now!


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