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Vexera Official Discord server - Join over 211k members to get the latest updates and discuss the bot with its developers. Invite link included!
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The Vexera Official Discord server has 20.7K online members and 0 upvotes. Vexera Official is a Music Discord Server.

Vexera Official Discord Server Described

: Welcome to the official server of Vexera, a popular Discord bot. Please keep in mind that we are an English only server (support excluded).

Vexera is a multipurpose Discord music bot. It provides a range of features listed below.

Type +help for a list of commands. The default prefix is + and is changeable for your server using the prefix command.

  • 99% Uptime
  • Music - High quality, easy to use music.
  • Moderation commands - Kick, Ban, Mute, Softban and Voice Kick users with ease using commands.
  • Autorole - Automatically apply roles to users when they join, or when they request with a command.
  • Misc commands - A variety of misc or fun commands including +cat and +dog.
  • Advanced Permissions - Specify who can do what using advanced permissions.
  • Locale support - Set Vexera to respond to you or the whole server in a different language.
Commands that might interest you
  • +help (command) - Shows extended help about a command. If a command isnt specified, it will show all commands.
  • +play (song name or url) - Plays a song in your voice channel.
  • +skip - Voteskips a song. Users with the permission can bypass the voteskip.
  • +queue - Shows the music queue. Use +play to queue a song.
  • +pause - Pause the current playing song.
  • +resume - Resumes the song.
  • +invite - Gets an invite for the bot. You can also use this command to get an invite to our support server and lounge.

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