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The Warrior Cats Discord server has 27 online members and 0 upvotes. Warrior Cats is a Roleplay Discord Server.

Warrior Cats: Unburdened Discord Server Described

: A warriorcat roleplay server focused around five clans that made home in the valley and mountains. A slice of life roleplay that is entirely user driven

Welcome To Warriors Unburdened


Welcome to the Warriors server were the main story maker is you!

Recently Revamped, Warrior Cats Unburdened has surfaced again to invite Warrior Cats fans of all types to join our RP/General Community.

Unburdened primarily serves as a Sandbox like RP server where users can get together with others to create their own stories and have fun. With five new clans and territories, we implore you to come help and shape our server and stories.

Recently Unburdened has added a small community aspect to our server which allows users within the WC fandom to come and chill out without the need for RP.

We’re open to all users and types of roleplayers, so come on in and join us!

Meet the Clans!

SwiftClan, often considered visionary and courageous, were the first formal Clan to be created within the valley. They hold themselves with utmost prestige albeit contested by the other clans at times. SwiftClan was founded by the previous ShadowClan warrior Swiftsand who was forced out of her home alongside her mate Duskstripe. Homed in a birch tree forest SwiftClan’s prowess is placed into excellent stealth abilities along with speed in order to successfully ambush cats and prey in both the shaded, foliage ridden areas and long stretches of open forest floor. Upholding a system that is ever changing and never complete SwiftClan is the first Clan to suggest changes to the code, often proactively trying to put their words into action even to the dismay of other clans.

HazeClan, often considered prideful and self-centered, was the second clan to be introduced to the valley. Created by a former clanless cat by the name of Hazewhisker, the clan was originally a group from within SwiftClan. They were pioneers of the moors that lay just north of the birch forest that the clan resides. Hazewhisker built and led his clan with pride and honour though to others he would come off as snooty and self righteous. He led his clan to be self-sufficient, refusing to acknowledge that they would need help, especially from SwiftClan. HazeClan cats push themselves harder than most clans as they valued their skills in which their prestige was based. One won’t find a HazeClanner slacking in their duties and you’ll never see one fail in the face of others-well if they can help it. Despite outward appearances HazeClan is quite cautious in their affairs, unnecessary harm could be deadly in a world like theirs so they are more careful with the fights they do happen to choose. Their refusal of outside help drives the need to protect their clanmates, and often HazeClan is the most generous in terms of inter-clan relations.

ScorchClan, the third clan to be created in the valley, is considered assertive and persevering and may be contested as one of the toughest clans in the valley alongside BlizzardClan. ScorchClan is the most unique when it comes to territory as their territory is split between a two-leg place and a dense pine forest, a uniqueness that came with time and not one that was set from the beginning. ScorchClan carries themselves with a bitter and aggressiveness towards other clans that could only be rivalled by the hungry and blood thirsty predators that wandered through the valley. A inter-generational grudge flows through the clan’s blood and if a battle will prove even a slight benefit they will often not hesitate to shred fur and blood against other clan cats. Clan cats who trespass and steal prey will be met with a ferocity of a wolverine if caught. Despite the rabid temperament they will not disrespect other clans borders or limits and will not stoop to stealing prey or trespassing for no dire reason.

Out from the forest half drowned from the gentle rains of past and present, with trees that reach to the sky in many shades and shapes is the reliable and tactful NettleClan. Born from the desire of peace and to be free from tyranny and war the Clan arose, started and led by one of the faithful timeless leaders, Nettlesplash. In the present day NettleClan is known for their peacekeeping ways, a way of life that was further detached from their original ancestors, not from choice but from necessity. Peace is earned by the hardships and deaths followed by battle and NettleClan knows this fact intimately. You’ll often find these large cats minding their business and enjoying what lush treasures their territory has to offer. They are the most water fairing of all clans, often hunting water laden prey and drying themselves in the open areas where the sun can touch. A rich land that they will protect at a moment’s notice, never giving an inch of their territory to any invaders or through the diplomatic process. These cats are not often ones who chase after tall tails or attempt to tarnish the other clans through word of mouth, instead primarily keeping to themselves.

From atop the mountains, closest to the star sleepers themselves, the ones who overlook the valley are BlizzardClan, a mountainous clan where those who are not resilient and feign loyalty to their kind often perish in the harsh environment that surrounds them. This group of cats existed before the other clans came to the valley and it wasn’t until the rise of a noble mountain born she-cat, given the name Blizzardblossom, that the group truly became a clan. The enigma that is BlizzardClan has always been seen as a wise peacekeeper, detached from the rest of the clans through choice, only mingling ever so rarely in the affairs of others. These cats are known to be rather hospitable to other clans and to those who pass by their frigid and rocky territory and are not often prone to violence. They keep their borders firm but will not initiate skirmishes unless it’s an absolute need. The sick and injured do not last long and the chance of recovery is often slim, and less cats mean less survival for the overall clan. Instead of violence, these cats often act compliant and calm, using reasonable and tactical thinking to deal with most conflicts. Every cat in this clan is expected to pull their own weight and those who fail to do so will often be scrutinised or thrown out, in a place where resources are scarce they can’t afford a long term extra mouth to feed.

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