TeamManager #3100

Added: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Created by: Mindau#9921
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Helps to manage discord members with web interface

Moderation Gaming

Installation Guide / First-Time run

This bot can be only invited by guild owner. Bot creates #tm-admin role and channel where all sensitive data can be displayed


  • Multiple guilds support - Admin can manage more than one guild in web-application

On Discord


  • Send SMS (#tm-admin channel)

    Admin needs to insert secret and api keys from

  • Display member info from external database in admin channel
  • Display documents, which can be added on web interface

    Members on discord can view information from web-application. Admin configures what fields will be visible on admin channel and which information will be visible on other channels. **

  • Write message as Bot in given channel

  • Turn your normal text into full-width text
  • Delete messages from channel.
  • Delete only text messages.

    Other Members

  • See members information from external database (simple member view)
  • See help, bot support channel, invitation link
  • Show first N members joined on current guild

On Web Application

Admin & Managers

Access to web-application should have only admin and managers. Admin invites other users to web-application by inviting them per e-mail

  • Add Notes to members
  • Add Documents and links to guilds
  • Add Non-Discord Members to database
  • Insert e-mail, phone, first name,last name and other fields for members
  • Add other custom fields, which will be assign to members on that guild
  • Send private message to guild member or to all at once
  • Manage Integrations Now only SMS integration is available
  • Set which information will be visible on admin channel and other channels
  • Invite other managers to web-application
  • Web- Application functionality to register and recover / change password