Hill Climb Racing 2 #2297

Added: 5 months ago
Updated: 10 days ago
Created by: Abhay#0111
Prefix: *

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a racing game. Trying to bring hill climbers through hcr2 bot.

Economy Fun

Use * prefix before each command Basic Moderation Commands 1)mute 2)unmute 3)ban 4)clear(no.of messages) 5) kick 6) warn Some other commands 1)youtube 2)poll(poll question) 3)serverinfo 4) report( please send username of user with report) 5) YouTuber

Economy commands

work shop bal (balance) gamble ownbal (returns your own balance) Daily Weekly leaderboard 9)addmoney mentione user (you need administrative permission) count leaderboard Lottery Commands Use *lottery commands to know more about it

Hill Climb Racing 2 special commands. 1)clans 2)use *PR, *SB *SN, *LE , *X1 for invitation links


avatar imgtext bestclan rate 8ball (ask a question) joke cat dog Help command 1)help 2)invite(sends invitation of bot)

Public 1)send fr :- Sends friend request to mentioned user

2)fr yes :- accept friend request (mention user after command)

3)FR no :- Reject friend request(mention user after command)

4)unfriend:- Unfriend to mentioned user