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Created by: Varedz#4817
Short link: discord.ly/among-us-crewmate
Among Us Crewmate allows you to easily manage your Among Us games by automatically muting and deafening users.
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Among Us Crewmate

Automatically mute your Discord lobby with Crewmate!

Crewmate was designed to automatically sync your Among Us game with Discord.
Crewmate allows the dead to speak to eachother whilst the game is going.
When discussion is called the dead are muted so the alive may talk.

  • Crewmate connects to your Among Us game and allows Discord to know whenever something happens, it uses that information to mute/deafen whichever members necessary Ashwell as updates the code to a text channel in real time. It also provides the region and how many players are in the game.


!help - Shows a list of commands
!new - Creates a code for a new connection
!end - Ends any current connections you have
!refresh - Refresh’s the embed incase it’s too high in a channel
!link - Force link people
!unlink - Force unlink people
!changeprefix - Change the prefix of the bot