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ANU Music - Don't forget to be happy:)

Fun Command

*avatar - Showing avatar
*vt - Vote other bot
*weapon - Show owo weapon passive

Info Command

*help - Return all commands, or one specific command
*invite - Invite me
*ping - Check ping bot
*prefixset - Set custom prefix
*status - Show status bot

Music Command

*247 - 24/7 in voice channel
*autoplay - Toogle music autoplay
*clearqueue - Remove all songs form the queue
*join - Join voice channel
*Leave - Leave voice channel
*loop - Toggle music loop
*nowplaying - Show now playing song
*pause - Pause the currently playing music
*play - Play audio from YouTube
*queue - Show the music queue and now playing.
*remove - Remove song form the queue
*resume - Resume currently playing music
*skip - Skip the currently playing song
*skipto - Forward song
*stop - Stop the music
*volume - Change volume of currently playing music

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Prefix: *
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: NASA⁴⁵#3898
Short link: discord.ly/anu