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a multipurpose discord bot with moderation, fun, canvas, leveling and more,


  • Finally excited to be able to release a dashboard for our bot. that can now be used visiting our website, allowing a lot of settings to be changed without using the commands.
  • Modmail (Beta) - A mod mail system has been added can try it out using >modmail.
  • Tickets - Allow users to open support tickets and get helped by staff.
  • Twitch alerts - Get alerts when your favorite streamer goes live.


  • Verification - Uses Hypixels API to verify accounts matching their set discord account this has a few features such as blocking users to verify if they have a muted role, blocking users from making alts and verifying them using the same Minecraft account, this also supports Hypixel ranks if they exist and will be given out automatically when they verify.
  • Giveaways - Create giveaways for your server using r!mga.</li>
  • Custom Commands - Create custom commands for your server using r!mcc.
  • Moderation Commands - ban/kick/softban/mute/hardmute/warn/unmute/etc.
  • Moderation Staff - Allows users to use moderation commands without needing the permission required, use >managestaff.
  • Auto Moderation - Anti spam, Anti invite, Anti links, Anti Mass Mention. Can be managed with >mam.
  • Economy - Allow users to earn money from talking in your guild can be turned on with >manageeconomy.
  • Leveling - Allow users in your guild to level up from talking can be turned on with >manageleveling
  • Skyblock - A few skyblock commands to view a players stats with some guild commands coming soon.
  • managecategories has been added allowing you to block a group of commands being used in your server that you don’t want.


  • Moderation
  • Fun
  • NSFW
  • Roleplay
  • Skyblock
  • Economy
  • Leveling
  • Info


  • Bot has a customizable prefix can be changed with r!prefix
  • Moderation Commands Can send logs if a channel is set with r!ml to send Ban/Softban/Kick/Unban/Warn Logs
  • To use join/leave messages use r!mwl.
  • Can set a role to give automatically when a user joins with r!mar.
  • Use r!help to get a list of categories (Ex: r!help mod - will give the mod command list)

Servers: 150+
Users: 150k+
Commands: 180+

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.