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a multipurpose discord bot with moderation, fun, canvas, leveling and more,


  • Modmail - A shared inbox for server staff to talk with their users.
  • Tickets - Allow users to open support tickets and get helped by staff.
  • Twitch alerts - Get alerts when your favorite streamer goes live.


  • Giveaways - Create giveaways for your server using r!mga.</li>
  • Custom Commands - Create custom commands for your server using r!mcc.
  • Moderation Staff - Allows users to use moderation commands without needing the permission required, use >managestaff.
  • Auto Moderation - Anti spam, Anti invite, Anti links, Anti Mass Mention. Can be managed with >mam.
  • Economy - Allow users to earn money from talking in your guild can be turned on with >manageeconomy.
  • Leveling - Allow users in your guild to level up from talking can be turned on with >manageleveling
  • Sticky messages - Allows you to set a sticky message so your users will always see it when talking in the channel


  • Moderation
  • Fun
  • Roleplay
  • Economy
  • Leveling
  • Info


  • Bot has a customizable prefix can be changed with r!prefix
  • Moderation Commands Can send logs if a channel is set with r!ml to send Ban/Softban/Kick/Unban/Warn Logs
  • To use join/leave messages use r!mwl.
  • Can set a role to give automatically when a user joins with r!mar.
  • Use r!help to get a list of categories (Ex: r!help mod - will give the mod command list)

Servers: 150+
Users: 150k+
Commands: 180+

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.