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Dot is a new amazing bot that has commands being added everyday!!

Dot is a relatively new bot, and we are not a company.
It’s is developed by only 2 people so we can’t promise mee6 level things but it is very close
Well here are some stats for ya:
150+ commands, 60+servers, 10k+ users, 20k times commands used
If you want to see any new command/system, feel free to ask us
We just finished redoing a lot of stuff, so you can expect some commands to not work, we are doing out best to fix them as soon as possible
Easy Management • Channel Stickers
Leveling • Economy System • Tickets • Music • Tags
Giveaways • Games • Fun Commands • Server Stats
Reaction Roles • Custom Bump[DISBOARD] Messages

We are strongly against ‘premium’, soo… All of dot’s commands are available for free!!!
Please add dot, it’s free anyway!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dot verified?

Dot needs to be in 100 servers for verification, please get us there!

How can I support Dot?

Joining the support server means a lot to us! https://discord.gg/meZ38QHuDm