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Get the FiresideBOT Discord Bot to add to your server with music, economy, server logging, role reactions & more commands. Invite FiresideBOT Bot today!

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FiresideBOT Discord Bot Described:

Music || Economy || Server Logging || Role Reactions || Twitch & YouTube Auto Poster || Auto Role || Welcome Messages & much more!
A multi purpose bot with the intention of being your one stop shop for all bot needs.

Userful Links

Web Dashboard || Invite || Help Docs || Roadmap || Full Command List

Feature Highlights

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  • Trackers - Twitch and YouTube live auto poster
  • Server Logging - Stay updated on new roles granted, new server members joining or leaving
  • Economy - Reward server members activity with a server specific currency and economy system
  • Ranks - Create new ranks, level up, and compare against other server members
  • Auto Role - Assign a role to be given to new server members
  • Custom Commands - Create fun new dynamic commands specific to your server
  • Role Reactions - Allow server members to gain a role of your choice just by reacting to an embed created by Fireside
  • Welcome Message - Have Fireside send new server members a DM thanking them for joining or explaining where how to navigate your server
  • Music - Fireside takes the classic music bot functionality and builds ontop of it, allowing users to create playlists just for them or server admins to create server specific playlists

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Twitch and YouTube Trackers

The Tracker system allows users to specify a Twitch Streamer or YouTube channel and will post an embed when they go live! Users can also specify a specific channel for the embeds to be posted in as well as a role to tag and custom flavor text!



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Server Logging

Server logging allows server admind to keep track of useful information. While this information is available in the Audit Logs section of the server settings in Discord, Fireside displays this information in a cleaner manner as well as allowing admins to be notified when changes happen.

Fireside also allows you to turn off certain modules from being tracked so you can view the modules most important to you!

Modules Tracked by Server logging
Module Description
Member Join Fired when a new member joins the server
Member Leave Fired when a server member leaves or is kicked
Nickname Change Fired when a server member changes their nickname
Role Create Fired when a new role is created
Role Update Fired when a role has any of its elements updated and is displayed accordingly
Role Delete Fired when a role is deleted
Emoji Create Fired when an emoji is created
Emoji Update Fired when an emoji is updated
Emoji Delete Fired when an emoji is deleted

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The Currency and Economy system allows server members to gain currency for server activeness. The name and rate at which members get currency is customizeable through commands as well.

There are a couple casino type games to use the currency on like Black Jack and standard gambling.

blackjack image

gambling image

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Ranks allow server members to level up in their server based on their activity, similar to the Economy system. Server admins have control over creating new ranks and determining the amount of EXP a member gets per message as well as how hard it is for members to rank up.

See how you compare against your friends!

myrank image

leaderboard image

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Auto Role

Auto Role is the simpilest feature to explain! It allows server admins to assign a role to be given to new server members.

auto role image

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Custom Commands

Custom Commands allow server members to create fun new server specific commands. The custom command system uses “variables” which allow command creators the ability to add functionality to a command. Below are a list of the current variables, what they do and an example of how to use them. Variables will always be contained within the syntax ${} for example having the touser variable look like ${touser}.

Variables for Custom Commands
Variable Description Example
touser @'s the user who used the command ?addcom Hello ${touser}!
randomuser @'s a random server member ?addcom Hello ${randomuser}!
comma separated arguments Allows Fireside to pick one of the arguments as a response ?addcom favoritepokemon My favorite Pokemon is ${Pikachu, Manaphy, Umbreon}
Role Tag Similar to Role Reactions, assigning a role to the variable will grant the command user that role ?addcom notifyme ${@Notification Squad}

custom commands image

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Role Reactions

Role Reactions allow server admins to set a role to be posted to an embed by Fireside and tracked for reactions. When reacted to, the server members gains that role and if they unreact that role is removed.

Useful to big servers that want new members to acknowledge a #rules channel before gaining access to the rest of the server.

Or for MMO communities that want to know what role is preferred by each member (Tank, DPS, Healer).

role reaction command image

role reaction image

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Welcome Message

The Welcome Message feature allows you to send a DM to a new server member. Use this feature if you want to thank new members for joining and/or help them navigate the server!

welcome message image

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The music functionality of Fireside is by far the most extensive. Taking what’s already offered by a multitude of Discord Bots and expanding on it.

Fireside offer playlists that are user specific and server specific. Users can use their playlist in any server that uses Fireside and server admins can define playlists available for use by members in their server.

Like a song that’s currently playing and want to quickly save it for later? Click on the heart reaction on the current song embed and save the song to your default “Liked Songs” playlist!

playlists image

There’s much more that Fireside has to offers, so invite it to your server and check it out!
If there’s a feature you’re interested in but that’s not listed here, join the Support Server and let me know! I’d be happy to try and implement it for you.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add FiresideBOT Discord Bot to my server?

You can add FiresideBOT to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add FiresideBOT Discord Bot' on this page.

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