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Created by: BradCherry#7021
Short link: discord.ly/limitless-music
This is my new music bot that will play any youtube song you wish for.

Useful Things

help - Shows this message

invite - Gives you the bots invite link

Music Commands

play [URL / Song name] - Plays song from youtube

pause - Pauses the current song

resume - Unpauses the current song

skip - Skips to the next song

skipto [queue number] - Skips to a certain song in the queue

np - Shows what song is currently playing

stop - Stops the music

loop - Loops the current song

playlist [URL] - Plays a playlist from youtube

search - Searches for a song

queue - Shows the song queue

shuffle- Shuffles the queue

volume - Changes the volume

Need more help?

You can always join our dev Discord

Please remember the Bot is still WIP meaning its not fully done
so there will be bugs