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Full MattBoy Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Autorole commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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MattBoy Discord Bot Described:

A discord bot made for MattHDGamer
MattBoy Bot

Do you have any more questions about the bot? Send a DM to A Trash Coder#0981 or join the support server.

Why did I make this bot?

I made this bot for use in the Official MattHDGamer discord server, but many people liked the different features of the bot so i decided to make it public, for use for all

General Commands
Name Description
About Information on the bot
bugreport [bug] Sends a brugreport
helpout Sends a paypal link to help with the bots needs
ping Shows bots ping
prefix Returns the current prefix which the bot uses in your server
rules Shows the bots rules
socials Shows MattHDGamer’s Socials
suggest [suggestion] Send a suggestion
Fun Commands
Name Description
8ball Returns what the bot thinks on a question
avatar [optional: user] Shows a users avatar
meme Shows a meme
roleinfo [role] Shows information on a role
serverinfo Shows information on the server
userinfo [optional: user] Shows information on a user
Economy Commands
Name Description
balance [optional: user] Shows a users balans
daily Collect your daily coins
deposit [amount] Deposit coins to your bank
leaderboard Shows the server economy leaderboard
pay [user] Sends a users coins
stats Shows the economy stats
steal [user] Steal from a user
withdraw [amount] Withdraw coins from your bank
buy [item] Buy an item from the item shop
role Shows the role shop and role menu
shop Shows the item shop
Mini-Game Commands (Economy)
Name Description
diceroll Roll some dice
guess [max number] Try your luck guessing a number
rps [choice] Play rock, paper, scissors
slots Try your luck at slots
Music Commands
Name Description
disconnect Disconnects the bot
loop Loops the song
lyrics [song] Shows a songs lyrics
nowplaying Shows the current song details
pause Pauses the song
play [song] Plays a song
queue Shows the song queue
remove [index] remove a song from the queue
seek [time] Skip to a point in the song
shuffle Shuffles the play list
skip Skips the current song
volume [level] Sets the song volume
Moderation Commands
Name Description
ban [user] Bans a member. Reason is optional
kick [user] Kicks a member. Reason is optional
mute [user] Mutes a member. Reason is optional]
purge [amount] Purges / clears a specified amount of messages
unmute [user] Unmutes a member
warn [user] Warns a user. Reason is optional
warns [optional: user] Retrieves warnings for the user specified
raidmode Shows raidmode menu
setmodlog [channel] Sets mod log
Custom Commands
Name Description
autorole Shows autorole menu
disable [command] Disable a command
enable [command] Enable a command
levelroles Pulls up levelrole menu
levelrolesetup Sets up level roles
setprefix [prefix] Sets the bot prefix or resets it if there is no prefix defined
log Shows logging menu
setlog [channel] Sets the server logging channel
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add MattBoy Discord Bot to my server?

You can add MattBoy to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add MattBoy Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: A Trash Coder#0981