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Created by: daviderosi#9269
Short link: discord.ly/pain-bot
A bot inspired from the Teen Titans Go (yes really) that is actually kinda useful.

Pain Bot

All I know is pain. Made with BotGhost: https://botghost.com


Pain Bot. It sounds weird, huh? Well, not if you watch the Teen Titans Go: there is a machine called Pain Bot, which only knows pain and tortures people, mostly the Teen Titans.

Is this bot made by a kid?


What can it do?

It has standard moderation commands, but it also has custom commands such as “sing me the pain bot song” (yes really) and a leveling system. Basic stuff I guess. (except for the custom commands)


This is a bot with commands that can help you manage your server, but don’t use it as your standard moderation bot! It’s just a little project that I work on in my spare time (along with dBot).