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Full RL Marketplace Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Rocket League commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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RL Marketplace Discord Bot Described:

RL Marketplace is a state of the art Rocket League item retailer that focuses on delivering guaranteed satisfaction to all customers.

!m help - Displays the general help panel with all supported commands.
!m ping - Use this command to view the latency (or ping) of the bot.
!m invite - Get the full functionality and all the features of RL Marketplace in your server by inviting the bot.
!m server - Generates an invite link to the official Rocket League Marketplace server.
!m suggest - Offer a suggestion to RLM. Don’t worry, we don’t bite!
!m bug - Report a bug and/or exploit for a dandy reward!

Account Linking
!m link - Use this command to link your Steam or Epic Games account.
!m unlink - Use this command to unlink your Steam or Epic Games account.
!m linked - Displays your current linked platforms. This can be changed at any time.

Channel Configuring
!m configure - Use this command to add configured channels, enabling RLM’s ability to reply in those channels.
!m deconfigure - Use this command to remove configured channels, removing RLM’s ability to reply in those channels.
!m autoconfigure - Automatically creates a channel named #deleted-channel where RLM can be used.
!m configured - Displays currently configured channels.

!m add - Add an item to your shopping cart. Before the addition, an item preview and a confirmation process takes place.
!m remove - Remove an item from your shopping cart.
!m cart - Displays items currently in your cart.
!m checkout - Checking out with the items in your cart officially opens an order with RLM.

!m ioi - RLM’s Items of Interest are items RLM is interested in buying from the community. These items are frequently changing based on our stock and the current market demands. If a user is interested in selling an item, he/she should use the command below to see if RLM is interested, then use !m sell [Item] to confirm the offer.
!m sell - Sell an item RLM is interested in buying for credits.

!m order - Displays all necessary details for a single order, usually followed by an order number. (Can be found by typing !m orders).
!m orders - Displays all orders made through RLM and their statuses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add RL Marketplace Discord Bot to my server?

You can add RL Marketplace to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add RL Marketplace Discord Bot' on this page.

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