Discord Rocket League Bots

Find the best Discord Rocket League Bots for your Discord Server, including Martine to ChampBot and more!

Martine Discord Bot Banner
Martine Discord Bot Logo

Martine is a multipurpose bot that can boost the member engagement of your server! Leveling, giveaways, streams alerts and so much more to discover!
ChampBot Discord Bot Banner
ChampBot Discord Bot Logo

Find the most active users in a server, your past avatars & names, play trivia, casino, akinator, blackjack, weather, music, and much more!
Rocket League Crate Simulator Discord Bot Banner
Rocket League Crate Simulator Discord Bot Logo

RE-LIVE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Open a range of over 50 Crates, Answer RL Trivia Questions with a FULL Rocket League Based Levelling system, using items Gained from Opening Crates!
MikeBot Discord Bot Banner
MikeBot Discord Bot Logo

A fun and entertaining discord bot, get inline for a good time. Do anything from .mock -ing your friends to .ban -ning trolls mikebot has everything!
Raphtalia Discord Bot Banner
Raphtalia Discord Bot Logo

Raphtalia is a general-purpose bot featuring a lot of moderation and fun commands.
GGRadio Discord Bot Banner
GGRadio Discord Bot Logo

Listen to the GGRadio stream with members of your server simultaneously, with one-command setup.
Teammate Finder Discord Bot Banner
Teammate Finder Discord Bot Logo

A discord bot to help you find a teammate!
ServerStatus Discord Bot Banner
ServerStatus Discord Bot Logo

A Discord bot for checking server status for different services
UConfig Discord Bot Banner
UConfig Discord Bot Logo

*Simple economy bot* (soon the moderation commands) Prefix: +
Rocket Assistant Discord Bot Banner
Rocket Assistant Discord Bot Logo

This bot suggests you a Rocket League Battle-Car according to a reaction-based quiz !
RL Marketplace Discord Bot Banner
RL Marketplace Discord Bot Logo

RL Marketplace is a state of the art Rocket League item retailer that focuses on delivering guaranteed satisfaction to all customers.
Private 6 Mans Discord Bot Banner
Private 6 Mans Discord Bot Logo

A free to use Verified Discord Bot created for Rocket League communities.
PromoBot Discord Bot Banner
PromoBot Discord Bot Logo

Promote your discord server in tens of other server with just one command!
Melody Discord Bot Banner
Melody Discord Bot Logo

A new-made Music Bot named "Melody", which can play songs from youtube or Soundcloud with stunning Quality, Still working on more features.
RLTrack Discord Bot Banner
RLTrack Discord Bot Logo

Rocket League rank bot. Retrieves your rocket league MMR, rank and reward level for current and previous seasons!
Infinity Giveaway Discord Bot Banner
Infinity Giveaway Discord Bot Logo

It is a cool giveaway bot for many giveaways with many functions.