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Full S.O.C Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Economy commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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S.O.C Discord Bot Described:

S.O.C Is A Multipurpose, All-In-One Bot

S.O.C Is An All In One Bot With An Ever-Growing List Of Commands In Each Category:


  • Commands:
    • soc.createTag [a/account/s/server] [name] [content] | Creates A Tag
    • soc.deleteTag [a/account/s/server] [name] | Deletes A Tag
    • soc.tag [a/account/s/server] [name] | Posts Tag Content
    • soc.enableStarBoard | Sets StarBoard Channel
    • soc.disableStarBoard | Un-Sets StarBoard Channel
    • soc.hello | Greetings!
    • soc.predict [question] | Answers A Yes/No Question, Like An 8-Ball!
    • soc.tags [a/account/s/server] | Lists Available Tags
  • Functions:
    • StarBoard
      • The StarBoard Is A Dedicated Channel For Logging Starred Messages
      • Messages Can Be Added To The StarBoard By Reacting To Them With A Star Emoji


  • soc.balance | Sends You Account Balance
  • soc.daily | Claim Daily Credits
  • soc.pay | Send Money To Other Users


  • Commands:
    • soc.ban [@user] <reason> | Bans A User
    • soc.kick [@user] <reason> | Kicks A User
    • soc.enableLog | Sets Logging Channel
    • soc.disableLog | Un-Sets Logging Channel
    • soc.purge [amount] | Purges Given Amount Of Messages
  • Functions:
    • Logging Channel
      • The Logging Channel Keeps A Record Of All Moderation Related Events
    • Account Watchlist
      • The Account Watchlist Checks New Users For Suspicious Characteristics
      • Watchlist Only Checks Accounts That Are Joining
      • It Only Runs If A Logging Channel Is Set
    • Universal Ban Logging
      • When A User Is Banned Or Kicked In A Server That User Has A Ban/Kick Recorded To Their S.O.C Account


  • Commands:
    • soc.info <@user> | Grabs User Info
    • soc.server | Grabs Server Info
    • soc.updates | Latest Bot Updates
    • soc.enableWelcome | Enables Welcome Messages
    • soc.disableWelcome | Disables Welcome Messages
    • soc.changeWelcomeMessages | Change Welcome Message
    • soc.enableGoodbye | Enables Leave Messages
    • soc.disableGoodbye | Disables Leave Messages
    • soc.changeGoodbyeMessage | Change Leave Message
    • soc.ping | Gets Bot Response Time In Miliseconds
  • Functions:
    • Welcome/Goodbye Messages:
      • Sends Custom Join And Leave Messages


  • soc.join | Summons Bot To Voice Channel
  • soc.nowPlaying | Gets Current Song Info
  • soc.pause | Pauses Player
  • soc.play [song/url] | Plays Song
  • soc.skip | Starts A Vote To Skip A Song


  • soc.about | Bot Info
  • soc.help <economy/fun/moderation/music/misc/utility> | Sends Command List
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add S.O.C Discord Bot to my server?

You can add S.O.C to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add S.O.C Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: System Of Circles#5492