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Prefix: $ or $setprefix <custom>
Created by: Lollipop, ?#2223
A simple tickets bot that can help you moderator your server with the premium features forfree!

? General Commands: $new → To create a new ticket. $close → To close the ticket. $add → To add a user to the ticket. $remove → To remove a user from the ticket. ? Support Commands: $rename → To rename the ticket. $blacklist → To block a user from creating ticket. $unblacklist → To unblock a user from creating ticket. ? Administration Commands: $setprefix → To set a custom prefix for the bot in you server. $setstaffrole → To set a support role for the tickets. $setcategory → To set a category for the tickets. $setwelcomemsg → To set a message when the ticket creating. $toggle-tickets → To enable - disable tickets creating. $closeall → To close all tickets in the server. $config → To see the server configuration. ? Misc: $about → To see the bot stats. $invite → To get the bot invitation link. $help → To show the helping list. ? Note Do you need more help? if you need more help about a command use: $help (command) Do you found a bug? if you found a bug come to our support server and tell the support section about it! Thank you for reading the discription -