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Veni is a multi-purpose Discord bot.

Veni is a multi-purpose Discord bot that has a lot of categories and commands! Categories include moderation, fun, other, and more! Veni is a free bot, however you can buy premium to get additional cool commands! With Veni, kicking, banning, warning, muting, unmuting people is as simple as a command. Your members can have fun with the awesome fun commands such as say, poll, emoji, and 8ball. Veni is also very secure, if the bot token gets leaked or guessed, our team will have a quick response time to resolve the issue, afterall, it is very hard to guess a bot token. Invite Veni today, and be sure to upvote the bot, hehe!

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Prefix: v!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Austin#6034
Short link: discord.ly/veni-0172