Austin's bots:

TranslateBot Discord Bot Banner
TranslateBot Discord Bot Logo

TranslateBot makes it easy to translate any message you want to just about any language you can think of!
Veni Discord Bot Banner
Veni Discord Bot Logo

Veni is a multi-purpose Discord bot.
Tandem Discord Bot Banner
Tandem Discord Bot Logo

Tandem is a multi-purpose bot that provides all the things from moderation to music!
The Generator Discord Bot Banner
The Generator Discord Bot Logo

The Generator is a Discord bot that allows you to store data (items) in your Discord server, and have users access it.
Emote Helper Discord Bot Banner
Emote Helper Discord Bot Logo

Emote Helper is a Discord bot that lets you manage custom server emotes effortlessly.
Ark Discord Bot Banner
Ark Discord Bot Logo

Ark is a multipurpose Discord bot.