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Prefix: m!botinfo
Created by: happy leaves happy life#7322
Short link: discord.ly/wololo
Simple bot that gives help with age of empires 2 civ bonuses, units counters and other stuff about aoe2.

List of bot commands:

Main Commands: $Wololo , m!botinfo , m!serverinfo

AoE2 Commands: $civs , $$units , $$$upgrades , !tutorialhotkeys !blacksmithupgrades !aoe2linux !nopig !countertrush !boscrush !imnew !flashcards !tutorialinstallaoe2 !howtoplayrecords

Extra Commands: $guess random , invite!yourchannelname , m!giveaway , m!historygiveaway , m!me , m!myavatar

Contact me for any help or if you want custom commands.